Eric Letendre developed his dog training COURSESwith one simple question in mind:

What’s the biggest problem for new dog and puppy owners?

Nearly 30 years of experience working with thousands of dog owners has taught me the biggest problem facing new dog owners is: CONFUSION!

Getting a dog comes with a lot of questions. The dog comes into the house and does one or more of the following behaviors:

  • Housetraining issues
  • Jumps on family members and guests
  • Pulls on leash
  • Chews
  • Steals off tables and counters
  • Barks at the window and door
  • Begs
  • Won’t come back when called
  • Bites, and more…

Looking for help, the dog owner goes to the internet, talks to friends, and their veterinarian. This is where the confusion starts because the information is conflicting or does not solve the problem. It seems everyone has a different opinion on how to train your dog.

So, we got to work creating a training program that was effective and most importantly… GOT RESULTS!

We have created a training system that anyone can follow and works with any dog – no matter the breed or age. Using our scientific, proven, results-based training, your dog will quickly become the well-behaved pet everyone will love. We know this is a bold statement, so here are some of the Google reviews we get on a regular basis!


If you are looking for the BEST dog trainer, Eric Letendre's Dog Training School is the place to go! He has trained all 3 of my Labs; Ben, Jerry and most recently Murphy. Eric has given me the tools to create the results I wanted to see in my dog. Murphy no longer jumps on people when he greets them, and enjoys more time out for walks now. The walks were so difficult prior to training, as I would get dragged down the street and would rather go alone. Now that Eric has taught me how to conduct a "structured walk", Murphy and I can enjoy this time together stress free. Eric's training sessions are informative, hands-on and effective. (he occasionally is pretty comical too!) Murphy will have a better quality of life now that it is a pleasure to take him out places. I highly recommend training with Eric!! After all there is a reason he is known as the Amazing Dog Training Man!!!
 The challenge loomed large with two standard poodle puppies only four months apart. Having been involved in Eric's training classes 13 years ago, we knew who to call. Lexi and Ella are well on their way to becoming happy, well-behaved dogs thanks to Eric's expertise in training and recognizing a canine's ability to learn. We are so pleased with the fine results after attending Obedience Training classes One & Two. With both pups less than a year old, Eric has instilled confidence in us that we can be trained to raise well-mannered dogs in the presence of other dogs and people." "He is excellent at getting to the point in an entertaining and lively environment. In a short period of time we and the pups have learned so much with more to come. The reward has been worth every effort ten fold!"

Why Eric Letendre's Digital Dog Training School?


Eric Letendre has spent decades developing a dog training system to help you get fast, effective results!


If you’ve been struggling with your dog’s behavior, we can help. The first step is to take advantage of one of our FREE online dog training programs. You'll get immediate access and you’ll see for yourself how we can help you!
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