Dog Training Reviews

Eric always has the answer. Whatever the problem is, he can solve it (sounds like a Vanilla Ice song from the ‘90s). And the answer usually isn’t very complicated… sometimes it seems obvious after he says it, but it is invaluable to have him point out the things that we don’t even realize we do when we interact with our dog. He gave us simple solutions that were easy to implement and for many things, it solved problem behaviors almost instantly.

Hands down the best money you’ll ever spend on anything in your life. Eric is the best! He will help you get the dog you dreamed of when you brought home that puppy in the first place! It’ll make everyone in your house happier, including the dog! Now that Sophie knows what we expect from her, she is much happier, our daily lives are much calmer and the relationship that my kids have with her is so much more rewarding.
Lindsey Pinkerton
The biggest challenge for us was jumping and coming when called. No is the magic word Eric taught us. He rarely does anything wrong but if he does he stops immediately. You can see that Eric loves is job and the best part is he came to my house to do the dog training. If someone was to ask me about hiring Eric I would say, “Do it!!!!”
Meagan Medeiros
Eric always came in and was ready to answer any question and you could tell he truly loves dogs. I would most positively recommend calling him and I am sure he will help with whatever problem you have. Our groomer, Karen Reynolds at Coats N Tails in New Bedford, MA, had Eric help train her dog and also had success.
Raymond Galuska
We want to thank you so much for helping us with Benny. He is like a new dog! My mom is enjoying him so much more now that he isn't always jumping and barking every time someone walks through the door and she is loving how he is listening to her, especially with the sit/stay/come commands... thank you again. We are very happy.
Leslie Verissimo
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